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How to download YouTube Videos| Download YouTube Videos

Hey everybody, today in this post I am going to hand over something very valuable to you guys. So stay focused and read this post and watch the video also.
Most of my friends ask me how to download YouTube videos and I tell them that it's dead simple and then there reaction is watchable. They all get so eager to know how I do it because they spend a lot of there money in buying software's and scripts for downloading YouTube videos which end up doing no good than just prove another big debt on your shoulder. So hold down your horses because I know that by this time you must all be in your uttermost eagerness stage.

Here is the simple 1 second YouTube loophole:

  1.  First take help from this video here
  2. The second step which I want you to do is obviously to visit YouTube.
  3. The third step Involve watching any YouTube videos say like any Music from YouTube.
  4. Now while you are still playing any YouTube video, what I want you to do is, type in double S e.g. "SS" on the URL of the video which you are watching. Remember to type in "SS" right after loosing http://www. e.g.
  5. After typing in just press enter and the this should take you to another website called ""
  6. Here you will get a bounce of  video types and formats to choose from i.e. you will get option of choosing a video file type from .flv, .mp4, .3gp, .avi etc.
  7. Decide a video file type you would like to download and then choose the video quality you would want to download i.e. 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p etc.
  8. Just decide one, I would shoot for 720p if available and click start downloading.
  9. Clicking that would start the download the download process.
Downloading and video form YouTube library of quality videos was never this easy. So, make use of this trick and please stop wasting your precious time and money on fake products and downloader's which costs a lot of money and do not provide the aspected result.

how to upload images on google | How to upload pictures to google images in 2013

This video below explains how to upload pictures to google images by simply downloading picasa web albums which is available for free and upload and store all their favorite images from their computer on picasa and share it among friend's, family or even on social networks like Facebook and twitter.

 Go on google and type in picasa web albums and download it for free, install it and then synchronize it with your gmail id and after that you will get a folder on your computer hard disk where picasa web album images will get stored and this folder is synchronized online with your gmail id. So, when ever you store or save any image on this folder it will be available to you online.

Now all you need to do, is open up google plus profile and arrange these images in folders and name the folders according to the type of images stored in them because they are not just your folders but actually are your photo albums.

 What customization or control you have on the web albums you created?

  1. You can customize the of the images album names you create.
  2. You can private the album you create: Privatizing the album means the images in the album can only be seen by the private link which you share on your Facebook or on your website and it won't be accessible by search engines but if someone get's the private link of your images, he/she can definitely view those images.
  3. You can public the album you create: Public album means the images you upload in the album is accessible to every one including search engines. People can search on Google images by the name of the image and chances are that your images may get found.
  4. You can unlist the  album you create: Unlisted images are never shared and no one other than can see the images. Moreover for you to personally see the images you need to be login with your gmail id.

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