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This blog is an attempt by me to provide my visitors with loyal and correct information about different web hosts so that you can make a mature and proud decision while selecting a web host for your business.

  • This blog will never collect any private or not authorized information which could reveal your identity online.
  • As a visitor of this blog you are allowed to comment on my posts or email me your queries which generally requires your Google+  profile, so if you wanna comment you can use your Google+ profile and I promise that it is fully safe and I will never come to contact you using your Google+ profile if you don't want.
  • You serf my blog post read reviews anonymously and absolutely free.                              

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Advertisement is the only source of  revenue this blog receives, this blog has no direct or indirect relation with the advertisements on this blog. All the advertisements on this blog are served by Google's ad network so there is no chance for this blog to write good reviews or favor a web host over other. All the reviews are genuine.

Ad Serving Policy

As stated above, that this blog runs Google ads which can be anything from banner to rich media ads. In case if you don't know, I feel that you must know how Google serves it's ads.

To serve you ads which are relevant to your interest Google uses cookies. A cookie is different from a spyware. A cookie is something which a web server will send to a web browser to store and this helps Google servers to send cookies to your browser so that the next time you open a website which runs Google ads. Google servers will come to know what was the last topic you were active at and this will help you get served with relevant ads.

Since a Cookie cannot store passwords, personal information  or  viruses so it's completely safe to work with but in case if you need more information about how Google ads are served and cookies used, check out this link

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