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how to create email id

create free email id

In this blog tutorial I am gonna be teaching you how to create free email id. This blog post is for beginners and intermediates. Well beginners- you will learn how to create free email id in most popular and often free emailing platforms like you will know how to create new email id in gmail, how to create email id in yahoo, how to e mail id in Hotmail, how to create email id in rediff mail etc while The intermediates will be learning how to create email id in domain, how to create email id group in outlook 2007, how to create email id in exchange server 2010, How to create a pro email address using your website domain with Google apps. 

  1. How to create an email id in Google

        You can create new email address in Google using gmail. For this follow the below steps i show :

  Open >>

  Now click gmail 

     Now click on Create an account >>  

Now fill up your particulars and details correctly. choose your user name and password and say next and you are done. Remember if you have gmail id then it means you have acces to all the products of google like youtube, picasa web, google sites, Blogger etc 

You can also learn to build webpages for free here, so visit >> How to create a website for free

2.  How to create email id in yahoo

Yahoo provide many free services like yahoo mail, yahoo answering facilities, Flicker, Yahoo local etc. For you to access all these facilities offered by yahoo you have to create email account in yahoo. follow the below steps:

 Go to

Now click on create yahoo email id.

Now as you click on create email account. you will see a new window will open up and will ask you for your particulars. fill all your details in the form. choose your user name, set your password and click Create my account and you are done.

3. How to set up emails-  your own email domain

In this section you will be learning how to set up your own emails ids. Unlike free email providers like gmail, yahoo mail etc you sometime find that the name you are looking to register is either already register or is simply not available. e.g. My name is shiv and if try to look for a free email like i find that the email is already registered. So if  i own a domain name like lets say and i want an email id on the name then how do i create that type of email id.

 create email id in domain name with Plesk panel: 

Log in to your Plesk control panel of your website : You can Login to your Plesk control panel in two ways -
     1. Go to your hosting provider website and say Login. Now as you click the login button and fill your username and password and press Login then your hosting provider will link your account with the Plesk  panel. 
      2. The second most powerful and time saving Login option is to type in the address bar of your browser and directly  land to the login page provider by parallel. No need to go to your web host.

After you have success fully logged in to your Plesk panel now is time to create your email id. Now open the Mail box placed at the top of the screen.

Now type in the name of your email address you want to create. Choose your password and press OK and congratulations your mail box is created. Now you can check your email box by typing and put in your Login credential and Login to your web mail. Now you can use it as your business email address.

4. Set up email id in C panel

Once you have set up a website you might be looking forward to create your own email id with your web address like Lets see in this tutorial how you can create your email id by setting up the mail box in your c panel. 

First lets log in to the c panel. Just open your web host website and type in your Login credentials and Login.
Now after you Login you need to scroll down until you find the section called mail.
As you find the mail section, Open Email Accounts section.

Now as you click Email Account you will see a new window will pop up asking you to choose your email address name and password. Now choose your email name, choose your password and click on create account. As you click on "Create account" your email  account will be created and you will be able to see it down on the list. Now click on the more button on the left side of the arrow and select access web mail and you will need to type your password for your account and click Login.
When you login for the first time you need to choose round cube among the three option and you you will be directed in to your email box.

5. how to create email id in Google apps

Yes you heard me right now Google has come up with it's app center. Now you can use many Google apps and products for your Business growth. Google app center brings you Gmail more than email. Which means now you can connect your gmail account with your business email address. If you are a web master or blogger now you can have your own professional email address like and make your business more professional. Now forget about low bandwidth,  limited email hosting space, server security issues, connect your email id to your personal gmail id and solve your bandwidth and storage problem. If you are a blogger and currently using for blogging and have a custom domain registered with Google then in the past it was hard to get a custom email address for your but now with Google apps for business, you can get a customized email address linking to your Gmail account and look professional in your business. 

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Check domains hosted on a web server

Find other domains hosted on a web server

This is another amazing trick i am about to share with you which will really help you a lot if want to succeed online. If you already have an online presence then you must be aware of web server and web hosting impact on your website ranking in major search engines like Google, yahoo, msn and bing.

You can also learn on creating websites for free at >> How to create a website for free

If your server company is hosting your website on a shared hosting server then your website ip address is also shared. So if like you have a good site while the other web sites hosted on the server are on some illegal topics like on adult content or on gambling, then even if your site is just fine and is an a good topic and on a good niche but Google is still gonna penalize you because it will red flag the whole server and banned the ip address and all the sites will not perform good in search engine and will not receive organic traffic. So I am going to share with you a solution to this problem and it will help you find all those sites which are sharing the same server and same ip. So if you find any such illegal site then simply ask your hosting provider to put your site on a good different server. so here is the trick

  First check the ip address of your site: visit to learn how to check your website ip address

Now you know how to check your ip address so the trick is here go to and type on the search bar

ip:<ip address> e.g.            ip:   

You will see a list of websites all sharing the same ip address and are all hosted on one the server. so just check all the results and if you find any suspicious websites just ask your hosting company to remove that website from the server or ask the server company to move your website on a good server e.g.


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How to check ip address

IP address lookup: Watch this video to see a live example on how to check ip address

If you want to know "how to check ip address" then you are on the right web address because here i am gonna be teaching you how to check ip address of any website. You will also learn how to check ip address of your computer. The best part about this tutorial on how to find ip address is that you do not need any kind of ip address look up software because i will teach you how to know ip address of your system through your  computer. So you will be looking the ip address of  your website without any ip checker software.


Check IP address of website

You can check ip address of any website right from your computer. Check if your have access to  Internet connection.

Click start button on your computer and then go to search option given just below all programs option and type "Run" and then press enter.

 As you type Run and press enter you see a new Run window will open up and will ask you "Type the name of program, folder, document, or internet resources, and windows will open it for you"

Ya, Go there and type "cmd" and again press enter.

       As you type cmd and press enter you see the command window will open up. It  will say something default like c:\users\anuj>_       just type "ping" and press enter you will get the ip address of your website.

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Domain server

What is Domain Server?

A domain server is also known as Domain authenticator or Domain controller. The function of Domain Server in to give authorization to access the network. The word Domain Server and Domain Name server (DNS) are often confused by the people. Domain server and Domain name server( DNS) are two different things. A Domain name server (DNS) contains the IP address of the website and their work is to map the Domain name with the IP address. The standard and correct way to pronounce Domain name Server (DNS)   is "Name server". Domain name servers (DNS) is a kind of protocol or lets say a pre written mathematical rule  which governs how two computers share information with each other on the internet. DNS is responsible for sharing of information either on world wide platform or even on small platform like ARPAnet.
Let it be TCP or IP protocol, Domain name server function the same. when ever a user type any Domain name like  domain name convert this user query into a machine recogniziable address like which is recognized as IP address. So now the other computer on the network say on internet can locate your location. It's like you are tracking a car trough GPS technology.

Check the IP adress of a website it will be some thing like, now open internet explorer and copy paste and you see a website. Now you can open a website in two way either through Domain name of the website like or by directly knowing the IP address of this website. Domain name servers are made to handle this problem of domain mapping. Lets say if  Domain name servers (DNS) where not present then every time we have to open a website then we have to remember the big mathematical digit called ip address of the website. Web would not have existed without DNS name resolution also called as Domain mapping.

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How to find Out IP address of my Domain name?

Though there are many tools available online to find out what ip adress your website is using but i am gonna be sharing with you the best trick to find out the IP address of your website without any tool.

Find which other Domain Name your web server company is hosting?

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web hosting control panel

what is web hosting control panel?

Web hosting Control panel is one stop graphical interface for users to control  all  aspects of site wright from their hosting panel. All specific needs of website can be monitored and resources can be fulfilled directly from the hosting control panel. you can perform things like upload files, Create and manage e-mail accounts, set up scripts you need for your website like the most popular CMS  Drupal, Joomla, WordPress etc. You can set up many sub domains for your website like if you need a blog you can make a sub domain like . With web hosting control panel you can easily optimize resources for your website e.g. you can set up disk partition, bandwidth partition if you are hosting many websites. You can also limit the use of MySQL databases etc. If you want scripts installation for shopping cart then you can install Paypal directly from your web hosting control panel. You don't have to pay any thing extra for all these things because all these services comes free in your control panel.

>>  Learn everything on control panel and how to create a website

Types of web hosting control panel?

Though there are many types of control panels in the web hosting market but we are gonna be focusing only on those panels which are good and mostly used and recommended by experts.

   1. C panel :    Website - 

C panel
C panel with it's user GUI interface is a robust technology which enables web designers and web developers to feel ease and comfort when ever it comes to running and managing websites for both their clients and themselves. It is much user to work on C panel when it comes to Managing databases and with MySQL.
It is most recommended for newbies which are not much familiar with creating and managing e-mail ids, creating sub domains, creating data bases since C panel brings with it Perl script which does not require any special access to databases.
When ever it comes to user friendly then C panel is always the top priority because as compared to other hosting control panels C panel will give you instant back up support. Single click CMS installation, Single click installation scripts for Blog engine like platforms . When it comes to functionality a Standard version of  C panel is equipped with two control panels. WHM together with C panel make it a standard C panel.

2. Plesk control panel :        website:

Plesk control panel
Plesk control panel is not that user friendly but when the chapter of web security comes Plesk plays a very important role. With Plesk control panel  in hand you never have to worry about spammers. The most powerful feature of Plesk is Spam Assassin which helps you handle spam on your website and on  your e-mail. One other very great feature of Plesk is HSP integration with Plesk control panel which let you automate the heavy administrative work on your site. It also has inbuilt functions which automates your email notification and processing task.

Plesk is suitable with both windows and Linux version of operating platform.
If you compare it's features with c-panel control panel, they both similar except for little exceptions. How ever if you see the GUI of Plesk control panel you will find it much similar to windows Control panel.

3. H-Sphere:                      website:

H-Sphere hosting control panel is known for its versatile nature. It's control panel is designed in such a way to give versatile compatibility to both windows and Linux version. It's hosting control panel is itself a very robust and powerful platform to maintain several servers from one machine. The most important part which makes H-sphere a versatile and robust hosting panel  is its miscellaneous behavior like a server. It itself acts like a server and let you configure the server, register the domain name, request for payment and send the billing request, forward the email notification  etc.

There are many other web control panels which are not very famous but some web hosting companies use them, so you can just check them :

 4. Ensim      website:
5. DirectAdmin   website:
6. Interworx       website:
7. Helm        website:
8. Hosting Accelerator    website:
9. CWI Panel      website:

Important Control Panel Basics 

  1. The theory behind the invention of control panel was to give website owners a one stop platform to manage their domain and hosting. with Control panels website can be easily managed by the owner itself like if a owner want to create an email id or a sub domain, then there is no necessity for him to contact the web hosts and ask for it's creation, since these thing can be easily done by the webmaster without any technical knowledge and it saves time and money of both the web hosts and the web master.
  2. Just with the click of a button and you have full access to all the statics of your website. You do not need any analytic tool to see who came to your website when you already have control panel. With control panel you can see resources used by your website like how much bandwidth your website is consuming every day and how much people/visitors are downloading from your website. How much resources your email is utilizing etc.
  3. A Web hosting control panel plays a much important role when selecting a web host for your website. There are many kinds of control panels out in the market and there are probably many web hosting companies in the market each with their own standard and resources. So clients ought to understand their specific needs for their website hosting like which control panel they actually require and then only they can take maturely decide to go after a particular web hosting company.
  4. C panel has a special feature known as the "preference menu", With this preference menu you can modify and play with different setting to find the most optimum setting for you. e.g. you can play with the language column and set the default language for your control panel. You can use the Introduction area of c panel to help you guide through the process of  creating directories, Using FTP programs correctly in order to upload their contents. Creating FTP account and using application like web Disk to mange ones web files correctly and optimally. 
  5. when in any business there is always a need of multiple email account. With different email address there is always a problem of  managing them but c panel brings with it a revolutionary solution called web mail which allows the user to access all email under one roof on the very same window.
  6. Control panels are indeed the great source of managing the website. One can only guarantee 99.9% up time if he uses a brilliant piece of control panel. Without the help of control panels like c panel it is not possible to give 99% of up time even if are a great programmer. No web based industry could even think of up time without these panels. 
  7. There are many panels in the market but be caution because most of these panels are actually the shinned copy of some great web hosting panels like c panel and Plesk.
  8. If web hosting control panels are similar to your operating or windows panel, then it becomes much easier to install new software and scripts directly on your web server through your system, then these scripts prove very time effective and it becomes far much easier to  update and maintene ones website.
  9. It is a well known and established fact that different people have different perspective about different things and this perspective is governed by their different level of knowledge and experience but if you are new to web hosting control panel interface then it is my advice to try c panel web hosting.
  10. Every webmaster must master a web hosting control panel. They should be familiar with each and every feature and option available in their control panel in order to present their best website on the internet. If you don't know any web hosting control panel till yet or because you are just starting your online career then i would advice everybody to start with c panel web hosting since c panel has build in video tutorials which is very powerful for new webmasters.
  11. The fame of c panel web hosting has grown like bush fire. It's glory has reached new highs that every webmaster is talking about it. The main reason of it's glory is because of the simplicity to use the panel and the video tutorial in build in the c panel which makes it absolutely amazing and every where over the internet like on Facebook, YouTube etc people are not missing any chance to share it's video tutorial  which even brings more credibility to panel.
  12. After C panel the one which comes in the race of simplicity and compatibility is off course the Plesk. The part which makes Plesk panel special is its compatibility with both windows and Linux version of operating system. Microsoft is a leader in the software industry and probable the best in the market. And Plesk panel is best suited with MS based applications like My MySQL, ASP etc So this increases the popularity of Plesk Panel.
  13. Parallel Plesk is another panel which is also a good option to go for but it is actually for pro users since Parallel Plesk allows its user to do basic maintenance task directly from their browser. Like user can restart server from their browser. They can also analyze the data like amount of bandwidth optimization, resources sharing etc.
  14. It's is not quite easy to stand in front of competitors like the Plesk hosting control panel and c panel but i would definitely appreciate the work of  H-sphere. Web hosting control panel provided by H-sphere are not in glory but the features offered by H-sphere is noticeable. 
  15. The thing which makes the web hosting panel of h-sphere unbeatable is it's amazing compatibility feature. H-sphere is known for it's ow-some compatibility with windows, UNIX and linux version of operating servers plus it is absolutely compatible to use with popular web languages like MySQL, MySQL etc.  
  16. One other important feature which these popular panels like Plesk and c panel are missing is support. Yes h-sphere offers a special support ticketing system to contact to your hosting providers without you leaving your desk space.
  17. With H-sphere you can wright your own own software and tailor made scripts to let help you efficiently manage your website and can give maximum optimization to your web presence.
  18. H-sphere is well known for it's strong security protection. You can install multiple server on h-sphere panel in just a minute of time without tweaking any security issue. Servers on H-sphere never have to complain about security issues. The panel of H-sphere has in build security which cannot be breached.
  19. The are many companies each with their own web hosting control panel and each caring some unique features, but if talk of one panel which is overall hit in web hosting control panel is Plesk. Plesk combines the features of another version of parallels Plesk which together make Plesk most versatile and overall best control panel in web hosting  industry.
  20. The most stable and most secure web hosting control panel on the planet is Plesk. It's very tough for both crackers and hackers to perform any miscellaneous task on the server. Plesk also minimizes the problem of hardware crashes problem and it's pretty smart in detecting web spam.

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Introduction to Web Hosting

What is web hosting?

Web hosting in simple terms means web space. Web hosting is a service provided by Hosting Service Providers (HSP) also known as Web hosts. When you have web hosting service it means you have a space on the internet which you can utilize for hosting your documents, your files or even you can host your own website.

What is web Site hosting?

Web site hosting means to publish your own website over the internet. When you have any content which you want to publish on the internet then you require a web hosting service. When you have a web hosting service then you probably have a web space, say about GB or more which you can utilize and upload your contents. Web sites can be created in the language called html. So when ever you have any content which you want to upload on the internet then you are required to convert those content into web browser readable  contents using the language html.

Know more on webhosting and how to create a website

Web sites are stored on a special computer known as server. Computers can either be known as Client or a Server. Internet was created with a network of computers connected together. Internet is always changing, when you connect your computer to internet then you are a part of internet world. Now you access internet using web browsers like internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc and you open Google to surf on internet. Now when you are surfing internet then your computer is requesting for information through Google, so here your computer will be called  a Client while the computer which gives information to Google which Google then returns back to you is known as a Server.

Note: Web Servers are those computers which never go offline. They  have a big storage space, high computation power and better networking speed. All these combined together make it a web server and is then used to host our websites and documents.

Introduction to types of web site hosting

Web site hosting falls under 4 types :
  1. Shared web hosting
  2. Virtual web hosting
  3. Cloud web hosting
  4. Dedicated web hosting

Introduction to Shared web hosting : means your server runs your websites on the the same computer/workstation where it runs many other websites.

Introduction to advantage of Shared web hosting:   The only advantage with shared web hosting is that it is cheap to start.

Introduction to disadvantages of shared web hosting:  shared hosting has many disadvantages like

  • You are sharing  resources like bandwidth, virtual memory, RAM, Hard disk etc with others.
  • The sites hosted on this type of server usually suffer bandwidth problem.
  • Since many websites are hosted on the same hard disk, if any one website contains virus then all other websites gets affected. 
  • You are not allowed for certain type of access and can't install your own software.

Introduction to Virtual web hosting:  means your server runs in a virtual environment. Virtual environment is like telling a single computer to behave like different machines. Each virtual server behaves as a different entity and has a guaranteed amount of processing power, memory and hard drive space that would only be used by that server. Here definitely you can get root access and can start your own server but you still be going to share memory hard disks and other resources.

Introduction to the advantage of Virtual web hosting: If compared to Shared hosting is that unlike shared web hosting, even if any hard drive crashes due to virus or what ever reason it simply do not affect your web site.

Introduction to Cloud web hosting:   Cloud hosting means your website is not hosted on a machine. It is actually hosted on cloud, which means on a network of computers. So one computer can be from Asia, one from Africa, one from USA. In a cloud server if a computer fails then other servers in the network start to full fill your website needs. cloud server is best because you only pay for what you use. Like shared and virtual hosting you have to pay even for what your website don't use.

Introduction to Dedicated Hosting:  Dedicated hosting means the hosting company is going to provide you a group of machine or computer whose only purpose is to run your website.

Introduction to Advantages of Dedicated hosting: With dedicated web hosting you have your own free will. Install any software you like, you never have to share any resources with anyone. The best part is you can group computer together to make your own hosting.

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