How to register a domain name

how to register a domain name

The Domain you register has a very strong impact on how people arrive at your website. So it is very important to register a right domain name for you organization or business. When registering a domain name you should think twice, don't just register any name which just pope up in your mind but take your time. Registering a Domain name is something which you must think before you set up your server. While registering it you must ask yourself questions like Is the domain name easy to remember?, Is your domain name short?, Is your domain name well optimized for both search engines and humans?, Is your domain name Hard to misspell? etc.

3 Golden Rule to be followed while Registering domain online

Rule 1:  The shorter the better

If the domain you registered is confusing or is hard to remember then people  won't be able to find you. The best practice while registering a domain name is to keep your domain as short as possible. Though you are allowed to register a domain of 63 letters, but the shorter the better is what i recommend. e.g. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Myspace, Flipcart, Firstcry, Yatra  etc

Rule 2: Avoid words in domain that may be misspelled- While registering  a domain name it is very wise to avoid words in domain names that can lead to misspell i.e. some of the words beginning with letters like "C" or "S" might cause to misspell e.g.

Cents or Scents

Words with silent letters like wrinkle or listen etc

words that sound same e.g. feet and feat. etc.

Rule 3: Test your domain name- For the sake of simplicity and easy to remember feature, try to register a domain which is simple and does't include any hard words. Always test your domain simplicity buy showing your domain name to other and asking them to recall the next day or next week.

Registering Top Level Domains online

When registering Domain names you also need to pick top level domains also known as TLDs. In a domain name "www" is acronym for world wide web. while top level domains in a domain name are .com, .org, .edu, .info etc.
Top level domains are logically related to the functions they perform or the country they belong. e.g.

.com - Represents a company name.
.org - Represents a government organization
.edu - Represents educational organization and is supposed to be used by educational institutes only.

If you are looking to register more top level domains, other than .com, .org and .edu then you must check for country TLDs. A country TLD is also a top level domain representing a country. e.g.

.in- is a country TLD, representing India
.ly - is supposed to belong to Libya and is known as the top level domain of Libya.
.tv - represents Top level domain of Tuvalu.
.cl - represents the Top level domain of Columbia.

All these Country wised Top level domains are supposed be registered by business,organization or firm of that country only but these rules are often bent. Their are some registrars that will let you register a Columbia domain.

There are also other top level domains that are under consideration. In 2011, the board governing top level domains e.g. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) decided to end their restrictions on naming TLDs. Currently it is not feasible to create generic top level domains on any extensions but in future it might be possible.

The ultimate guide to different types of Top level Domains

Choosing domain name SEO

When it comes to registering a domain name you must concentrate on choosing SEO friendly domain names. It is always wise to register a key word driven domain. It is important to pic domain names with words people might type in when searching for sites like yours in Google and other search engines. Avoid choosing those words in your domain name that don't have search meaning.e.g. It is better to register a domain name than in terms of SEO. Though "asiarocks" might sound frenzy when compared to "webhostingasia" but we must not forget the fact that the web is getting more and more competitive everyday so it is always a good practice to go for keyword based domain name while registering.

Another important aspect to keep in mind while registering a domain name is the length of your domain name. It is always advisable to keep the length of your domain short and keyword based for best SEO results. Try to keep your primary domain name length as short as possible for SEO and make your secondary domain longer and SEO optimized. e.g. "" here "" is my primary domain and is short while /"how-to-register-domain-name". is my second level domain name, is longer and key word based. so my whole URL is a good example of best SEO practice when choosing domain names for SEO.

Hyphenated domain names SEO V.S Underscore domain names SEO

There is always a debate between the use of hyphenated domain and underscore domain names in the SEO industry.A Hyphenated domain names look like "" while Underscore domain looks much like "". So which is good for SEO purpose. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn etc do not give some additional weight-age to websites in their ranking when choosing one over the other but If you are just starting with then I would recommend you to prefer using hyphenated domains over Underscore domains. The use hyphenated domains have become industry standard. All SEO gurus prefer using hyphenated domains over underscore domains. All cms( Content management systems) like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc use Hyphenated domains for better SEO standing. But if you have already started your website with Underscore domains then I think there is no point for you to go and change your underscore with hyphens since Google has already declared that they treat both hyphenated domains and underscore  domains as equal and a live example could be "Wikipedia". Wikipedia has all it's page in underscore domains but almost all of it's pages are ranking high in search engines.

How to check availability of a Domain name to Register

In order to check availability of a domain name to register the place which i prefer going is . This is one stop place to go and check your desired domain name. What makes bustname different from other domain checker is it's ability to show synonyms of your desired name. The cool thing about bustname is that you can check a domain name and compare it's price from all other domain registrars online. So it's like one stop place to check the availability of a domain and compare it's price with all companies and then decide to go after a company which you find comfortable.

Benefits of Registering a new Domain name

It is indeed true that Google has more authority over old domain names than new domains. All major search engines trust aged domains. But getting an aged domain could costs you big bucks. Also there is always a risk of penalties because of some negative deeds which might be done by the past owner of the domain. The benefits of Registering a new domain name is that you can easily find the domain you want to register, There is no risk of penalties and probably the last but not least is money off course. I would personally recommend every one who are just starting with online is to go and register new domains.

Advantages of Picking an existing domain name

It is hard to believe that the domain that just pop up in your mind yesterday night and when you woke up and check to register it, you found that it is already owned by some one else. The fame of domain name and websites are expanding like bush fire. With many people registering domain with just an intention to sell it at a higher price it is becoming harder and harder every day to find the right domain for your business. Well picking an existing domain could prove tight on your pocket if that is your case. However, it is much easier to spark online with a name in hand which has been online for a while.  
There are many advantages to get started with an existing domain:
  1. Age factors in ranking
  2. Credibility
  3. Trust
  4. Back links
  5. Publicity
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Domains by Proxy- How to Register Private Domains

When we are about to Register domain the thing which concerns us most is the "who is" record of the Domain. Who is the domain registered to? Since there are many free services available online to check ip address of any website  and find the "who is" record. Privacy of domain owners are no longer protected. Just a few couple years ago online shopping was not considered safe but as the technology grows more advanced we can proudly say that using credit cards online is just as safe as depositing money in the bank. But what about the privacy of domain owners? Is it safe now. In this article I am gonna be discussing about How to register Private Domains to save ones privacy online.

There are almost thousands of Domain Registered online every day buy many domain registration and web hosting companies online but one thing all these domain registrars don't tell to registrants is "How unsafe their privacy will be online?" Or probably they do tell but in a small writing to avoid from their customer's attention. The need to give your private information (your name, Your address, Your phone no etc) while registering domain online is not required by web hosts Or Domain registrars but actually is required by ICANN( Internet Corporation assigned for names and numbers). As you being the registrant of the domain name give your personal information to Domain registrars while registering your domain. ICANN whois record is filled up with your private data for your domain and anyone with an internet connection can see your personal data. Most people who register domain give there actual date which is required also for protecting your domain from theft but they don't know about registering private domains.

What it means to Register Private Domain

Registering domains privately means you give your exact information to your Domain registration company but your domain registration company puts their own information in the who is record so if anyone tries to see your private information he sees only the who is data of the company not yours.
You have full authority over your domain name. You can transfer, sell or what ever full rights over your domain.

Funny and Crazy Domains Registered online

Internet is full of stuffs. One can find almost every thing online. Websites Ranging from educational to entertainment have made internet the mother of stuff. But there are some website which don't belong to any of the categories either. One can probably say that these website are worthless or their domain name are weird. So hold your horses because i am gonna list those crazy domains which will really make you say huh. Don't forget to leave your domain in the comment if you really think you own a crazy domain.

Domain Names and Registrars

When it comes to starting a website there is a lot of things one has to figure out in his mind like where to register a domain, Which domain registrars to go after , where to host etc. Since there are thousands of domain registrars online it is an obvious case to get confused while searching for good domain registrars.Well while selecting a domain registrar there are many things to keep in mind like Price off course first, Services second, Support third and last but not least Reputation.

Domain Registrars VS Web Hosts

Domain Registrars VS Web Hosts
If we look back in the history of Domain names we find that the registration of domain names were only limited to NSI.  NSI was the only registrar of TLD's like .com, .net, .org and it had it's monopoly over how domain names were registered online. But as the market grows more and more commercial domain registrars emerged and this shifted the Domain registration monopoly of NSI to what is known now as Shared domain registration system. Now there are more ..

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