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web hosting reviews 2013

web hosting reviews-choose and select the right hosting company for your website!
Since internet has changed the traditional marketing strategies. No matter how big or small a business is, Having an online address was never so imperative than before. But what seems to be more important than an online address is, choice of domain registrar and the web hosts. Your website has a very strong impact on your business and with all most around half a million hosting provider companies in the market, it's quite tough to choose the right web host for your website.
Well, to help you decide the right company for your business, I present  these analysis on some very popular web hosts in the market. If you use these analysis wisely, you will definitely find it worth spend your time reading these reviews. So read them and then select a company for your business or organization. Best of luck for 2013!

Web hosting reviews of  top companies - updated for 2013

1. Fatcow's hosting reviews

web hosting reviews of Fatcow
Fatcow started in 1998 with 2 data centers in Albuquerque(USA). Initially it's been sold out to Endurance International. Endurance International owns many other web hosting companies which include some of the big companies like blue host and ipage. With  two data center each of 2400sq. feet in size, fatcow focuses it's business nature on providing shared hosting solution. It's been 14 plus years for fatcow serving hosting industry, no doubt in trust for sure. The best part about fatcow from it's beginning, is it's multi feature add on services which comes with it's host plan. One would never want to miss $100 worth of Google advertising credit, $25 worth of yahoo credit, $50 worth of Facebook credit, free business listing in premium web directories and much more.

For complete analysis of Fatcow read-

2. ipage hosting reviews

Let's start ipage analysis by reviewing it's very popular money back guarantee. Though the ipage money back guarantee commits to return back money at any time without a question and is very popular also but what most people don't know, is the amount returned to a buyer at the time of cancellation of service is calculated on a rule which is formed on two basis:

i. Remaining Period.
ii. The early cancellation charge.

{ Remaining Period - cancellation charge}

This money refund rule might sound disappointing but it is far better than getting no refund at all, which in fact is the case with most of the web hosts.
Ipage is a web host situated in Boston, started in 1998, currently registering more than half million domains and hosting more than a million websites on it's server.
Ipage was initially set to Boston but as it was now sold to Endurance International Group, the company expanded it's branches in 150 countries all around the world.
For complete analysis of Ipage services read- 

3. Hostgator hosting reviews

Hostgator is fairly new as compared to fatcow and ipage. The company was established in 2002 in Houston with only two servers. But with it's really amazing hard work, it manged to amaze everyone with it's record breaking growth rate. Hostgator is one of those companies which managed to move from 2 servers to a fully established Multi level IT company. In-fact Hostgator is considered as the fastest growing IT company in Texas. After a successful start in USA, Hostgator is shifting it's business worldwide. Hostgator initially has participated with Google to launch "". Indiagetonline is a hosting provider powered by Hostgator and Google. Hostgator has many types of  hosting plans to offer which includes shared hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting. One reason for hostgator booming success is it's very handy add-on which comes free with each of it's hosting plans. Hostgator provides simple script for easy CMS installation, Domain parking facilities, Private dedicated IP address, Tool free no etc for specific business needs. Very handy indeed!
For complete analysis of Hostgator  services read- 

4. Webhostinghub reviews

Webhostinghub has 3 servers which are placed in 3 cities of USA namely New York, Florida and California and it's operating center or say the main office is in Virginia. Though the company claims to be founded in 2001 but since the dns records says that the domain got registered back in 2011, do raises a question mark in it's claiming. But if we leave it's dns records and it's claims a side and focus on rest of the reviewings, we find that webhostinghub has much to offer to it's clients. With a stand alone "shared hosting" plan starting with just $4.95 is one fit plan for all types of business needs.

An easy control panel, website builder, CMS, US call support, unlimited websites, unlimited email, Unlimited disk space and bandwidth plus this all comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

For complete analysis of Webhostinghub services read- 

5.Godaddy reviews

Founded in 1997, today is the biggest domain registrar in the market and provides all type of web hosting which includes shared, virtual, dedicated and cloud hosting. The company is very famous almost around all corners of the world because of  it's 99.9% up time guarantee. Godaddy could be a good option to opt if you are looking for features like content management system, Forms CMS, blogging platforms etc.
The pride of Godaddy currently is empowering more than a million of customers world wide on more than 35 thousands of servers.

No doubt, Godaddy is the biggest domain registrar and a leader in the hosting industry.
For complete analysis of Godaddy services read- 

Why I started this web hosting review blog?

Unlike past more and more companies are focusing their businesses nature online. In order to showcase products and find potential customers online the very first priority is to find a domain name registrar and a company for hosting your website. But we don't know which web host will fit with our nature of business, Which company provider provides optimum server up time, support services etc. Believe me, I have suffered many business failures just because of server down problems. I understood at just an age of 16 years that I am talented in IT field. My hunt for talent finished with the launch of my first website in "form 3" and since then till present I am constantly devoting my time and energy towards IT industry. The most tough thing for me as a newbie in IT was to choose a good company for my website. Believe me I have changed my website hosting server 3 times in a year because of server down problems. There are many companies with their tall claims like quality services, award wining support, 99.9% up time guarantee etc, but all these claims are not met by most of the companies. The point which always strike my mind was a review service. A tool-free service to perform analysis  You must be thinking that I am going crazy now but I always dream that, what if  a company ask you to take web hosting services on a review basis for say a month or two and then charge you, Though that type of analysis is only possible if web hosting companies let us do but since they charge for web hosting weather you want it on review basis or for use, this limits an Individual from performing  reviews. To solve this review problem, I spend my money and time to review each webhosting companies personally and help you choose the right web host for your business. So that when you take web hosting services you forget about performing analysis and feel comfortable in choosing the web host for your business.

How do I perform reviews?

I divide my web hosting review procedure in two phase:

Phase 1: simple and general analysis.
Phase 2: Complex and Advanced analysis.

Phase 1: This review phase is simple and is just a general review of a web host. I simple check for things like Plan types, It's cost, Up time guarantee, Trust and Authority, Experience, Services, Exclusive offers etc. After reviewing all these I simply go for the web host. I pretend like I am a new buy who don't even know like how to pay, Create email id, Upload files through ftp programs. I just play my self like a new guy who is not familiar with even control panel and this helps me review their support services. Here I also try to test the knowledge of their technical team by raising issues like virus problems, scripts installation etc.

Phase 2: This review phase starts after the completion of review phase 1. This phase is not a general phase i.e. It involves those activities which a normal user will never perform. The review phase starts by testing server speed using speed test meter. Then using Pingdom services to completely review any company. Since the process involves taking and and using their servers in order to tackle real world problems, this piece of process helps me give out much realistic analysis for my blog readers.

How do I evaluated web hosting review score?

I evaluate the score of web hosts by using multiple factors score:

  1. Reliability Sore
  2. Speed Score
  3. Usability Score
  4. Features Score
  5. Price worth Score
  6. Customer support Score
TOTAL SCORE =  Reliability Sore + Speed Score + Usability Score + Features Score + Price worth Score + Customer support Score


Web hosting Review Score on  Reliability 1. RELIABILITY:- The the most important aspect of all when it comes to review a company is reliability. For a business to succeed online it's web host should provide 99.9% server reliability and up time guarantee. Major Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn etc will  never love a website which has server fault or is having server downtime and if they don't love it they will never put your website high up in their search results and you end up loosing customers. Server up time and reliability is what most of the SEO companies want to insure first. It is well known in SEO community that server down time has serious negative impact in your SEO effort. So in my analysis, reliability is in the topnotch priority.

web hosting speed review
2. SPEED SCORE: The second most important aspect which I look in a  company while performing their hosting analysis is Speed.
A company can include a plan for unlimited disk space and bandwidth  in their sales page but might limit your web server speed so that if your website gets too popular and is using high server bandwidth, by limiting the speed helps companies to limit the use of their server because your website has access to limited data transfer/sec and this makes your site busy and it loads very poorly. Now this practice will help a company but for a website, it's something which a webmaster should never let happen and it is very annoying to your site's loyal visitors. So here I check different speed parameters and then I assign speed score points to get added in the report.

Web hosting Usability Review
3. USABILITY SCORE: Their is no point in neglecting the usability factor when performing a check. It is tendency of newbies to neglect the usability factor just because of  either lower price or higher bandwidth offer. But most webmasters know the importance of Usability.e.g. A task like WordPress installation can be done either manually or if the web hosting company provides simple scripts in control panel for single click CMS installation. With simple scripts in control panel can save your lot amount of time and hence make you more productive. Another thing when it comes to usability is the use of control panels. There are many control panels available in the market but the most easy and usable one is C panel. So it is important to choose a web host that provides c panel control panel for use. So here I check different usability parameters and then I assign usability score points to be added in the report.

Web hosting Features Review
4. FEATURES SCORE:  What most of the people think of features in a  plan is disk space and bandwidth. Though disk space and bandwidth are the most important one, but that's not. Think of a company which provides features like free Google and FB credit, free website submission in yellopages etc. All these features can prove icing in a business growth and one should never miss these features from availing.  So here I check different features and then I assign feature score points to be added in the report.

Web hosting Price worth Review
5. PRICE SCORE:  This review score deals with calculation the worthiness of price. Do you really get return on investment? Though the call is to check ROI and price worthiness but their are other things like easy payment option, money back guarantee, secure payment, privacy policy, billing terms, Tax information etc  which I try to figure out as well.
So here I check ROI and other price features and then assign Price score points to be added in the report.

Web hosting customer support Review 6.CUSTOMER SUPPORT: If you are new to IT field, customer support will be something which you gonna be needing the most. Since web hosting is a digital product and you have no physical support so customer support plays an important role in both technical and customer support. Things like fast and intelligent technical technical support, online Ticket support, live chat are the Hallmark of a Good company. In order for me to assign customer support points, I test customer support department of a company by checking there response time and quality of response, Do they really take your call important? etc.

Are these review score honest, unbiased and unprejudiced? is a  review blog solely run by shiv. The blog has no contact with any companies whose products or services this blog reviews. This blog is founded keeping in mind to educate newbies about IT products and services.

Why do ads appear on this blog?

Ads on these blog is server by Adchoices ( a third party ad network run by Google). The blog has no direct or indirect relation with any of the advertisement served on this blog. The fact that these ads help me cover the investment which comes in the maintenance, testing and product purchasing in order to provide reviews.

My Disclosure: I Certify that this blog is completely commission free, Unbiased, Unprejudiced and strive to provide best and honest web host analysis to help people decide the best web hosts.

Other Internet Properties Which we Love & Want to share.

These properties are worth looking at as they are a gem and work perfectly and I personally use them in my day to day life.

1. Pullbin - Free online Youtube video downloader

Pullbin is an online software to download any youtube videos for free. It's completely free and it require no sign up process. here is it's tutorial video on >> How to download youtube videos .All you got to do is visit pullbin and paste the youtube video link in the search bar and click the download button and bam your youtube video will start downloading for free. This software currently supports downloading of youtube videos in full HD i.e. 1080 p format. 

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Web hosting glossary

Web Hosting Glossary of important terms 

Welcome to the best web hosting glossary of collection of different web hosting terms and definitions. Though there are many terms which is not possible to get covered in this post so I will try to include some important terminologies in this web hosting glossary only. Lets look at them.

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 1. Access Logs : An access logs is a term which is self explanatory itself. "Access log" simply means to check for your website visitors. Almost every control panel comes with the option of checking your access log details. Access logs make you better understand your website audience by provide you with full details about  your visitors information which includes but is not limited to
  •  Ip address of your website visitors.
  • Date and time of their visit
  • Duration of their visit
  • Geographical location of the visitors
  • Which pages got mostly seen and how much data is downloaded. 

2. Apache : Apache is a free ware open source software. Apache is mainly used for web server management.Because of it's open source it is most widely used software for web servers.Even big companies like Google use it for their web server.When Apache first came, it was meant to be only for UNIX servers but as many upgrades came later on, made APACHE compatible with Windows as well as other operating platforms.APACHE is currently in use by many web hosting companies to manage their client websites. Since APACHE is open source,the source code can be edited and the software can be tailor made and this makes APACHE very secure, reliable and productive. Also their are frequent updates available on the internet for APACHE up gradation and this makes APACHE even more secure, reliable and productive.

3. ASP: Acronym for Active Server Pages. Active Server pages is nothing more than a server side scripting language which is Introduced by Microsoft to generate dynamic webpages on the server itself.
ASP is also denoted as a classic ASP, a script engine which uses VB scripts and works on server only to produce dynamic webpages.

4. ActiveX:  ActiveX is introduced by Microsoft in an intent to enhance the reusability standard in programming.  With ActiveX an organization can produce reusable software parts which can then be recalled or inherited in other programmings if needed.

5. Add-on: This is a term which is more often used by web hosting companies. An add-on is something which comes as an extra product or service to enhance the usability. Add-on are generally included by webmasters to enhance their site overall performance and provide their visitors with more interactivity. Add-on are but not limited to guest posting facility, maps, Facebook integration, commenting feature, Chat etc.

6. Bandwidth: It is also termed as Data transfer in web hosting industry so don't confuse. Bandwidth is something which concerns both web host as well as their clients. A web host will try to put limit on the bandwidth allotment and a client will always look for the plan which provides more bandwidth in less cost.
Bandwidth in simple terms means the amount of data that can the downloaded or uploaded in a month by a website. A data can be a simple text file or an image or a video etc. Let's say if you got a content of 5MB which you upload on your website and a visitor downloads it., so the total bandwidth used is 10MB( 5MB for you to upload on your server and 5MB for a visitor to download the file from your server).
Bandwidth is also utilized if someone visits your website. So if your analytic shows that your website has 124 page views and if 10KB is used per page view in loading the page then this means that the total bandwidth used in 124 page views is 1 MB.

7.Backups: Backups means to keep a record or a duplicate copy of your web documents which could be needed in case of  document losses.Web hosts do maintain backup of a website so that if any accident occurs from their or your side, a backup of all your documents is available. Their are some web hosts which offer a backup service of every 24 hours so that you get maximum maximum backups of  your most recent documents. 

8.Blog hosting: This is again a very important feature that most of the people look for when selecting their web host. Almost every individual blog and almost every company and business have a blog to show case their product and features. A blog hosting is not something extra special when it comes to hosting. Unlike the traditional hosting a blog hosting provides easy way to install blogging platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc on the server with a single click etc.

9.Cookie: cookies are often misunderstood as a virus or a spyware but actually a cookie is something which a web server sends to a web browser to store and is used when you visit that web server again. Cookies help websites to understand about your preferences and your likes, what you might be looking for etc. Big search engine giants like Google use cookies to show you better ads. In my opinion cookies are safe and do not contain viruses etc.

10.Corn Jobs: A corn job is something which is more like a robotic stuff. You only have to pass command once and it will repeat that task on your server whenever it is scheduled for. e.g. If you set a backup task to be run everyday at 6 in the morning then the corn will per it's backup job at every 6 in the morning according to it's server clock.

11. Custom mail box: Whenever you register a domain name you get a custom mail box usually on your domain name e.g. If Facebook was your domain name then a custom email address on your name could be like
12.Custom error pages: A custom error page helps you create a error message page which you can then redirect using 401 and if a user misspells a URL then instead of returning an error message you visitor you can help him get redirected back to your home page or any other page that you may like. These custom error pages also help you maximize your traffic.
13.Control Panel: A control panel is where you manage all your website features and services. A control panel is used to login to ftp, create and manage emails, manage disk space, run corn jobs, check bandwidth usage etc.

14. Data Transfer: As discussed above, data transfer is same as Bandwidth usage. Check Bandwidth to know more in case if you don't.

15. DNS:  Acronym for domain name server. Every domain name is joined with it's server ip address through DNS. So as you register a domain name it is then mapped with the server ip address so that whenever a person types in your domain name he/she gets transferred to the right server.

16. Dedicated Server: There are many kinds of server a web host has to offer which includes shared, virtual, dedicated and cloud hosting etc. A dedicated server is costly but it comes with little or no limitation. Your files are not shared and you have access to a full dedicated server and no one shares it with you. You can host as many files and sites as you want etc. To know more on more on Dedicated servers check  Best servers for small business.

Note: I have tried my best to list all the web hosting terms in this web hosting dictionary to make it the best web hosting glocary for my visitors. However if you know about particular web hosting terms which are not in this web hosting Dictionary. Please do inform me by commenting at the bottom of the page. I would seriously love to include your comment in the web hosting glossary if found useful.

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Top level domains

Top level Domains list

Top level domains is an acronym of TLD. If you are new to internet or probably to Domain names you must be confused about Top level Domain (TLD). You must be having many questions regarding Top level domains like What are top level domains?, How to find a top level domain for for your business?, What are the benefits of having a top level domain (TLD) for your business.Types of top level domains etc. Read this article and find the answers to your questions on Top level domains

A TLD - Top Level Domain

Top level Domains names

A Top level domain is the "suffix" that comes after the name of a website e.g.  here .com is a top level domain after the name webhostingasia.
In the domain name system of internet ,a top level domain is assigned the highest position and its installation in the name space is generally in the root zone. The maintenance of a Top level domain is done by ICANN ( Internet Corporation Assigned for Names and Numbers), which is a very reputable and expert in maintaining DNS root zone.

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Best servers for small business

Which server is best for small business

OK ! so you are looking for a server for your small business. Before we dive into details on servers and  decide which server would be best for your small business needs, you might be wondering what a server is and if you really need one for yourself or for your small business. Let us first understand all the "ABC" of server. So let's see all these topics which i am gonna be discussing with you in this call so that when you finish this discuss with me you find yourself in the place where you can decide "what is the best server for a small business" 
  1. Introduction to servers
    1. What is a server?
    2. What is the difference between a client and a server?
    3. What are server protocols?
    4. What can you do without a server?
    5. Why do you need a server?
  2. Types of Servers for Business?
    1. Shared servers?
    2. Virtual servers?
    3. Cloud Servers?
    4. Dedicated servers?
  3. Choosing the best server features for your small business
    1. Server plan based on the operating system
    2. Server plans based on the scripting needs.
    3. Server plans based on Data Handling limit.
    4. Server plans based on Domains and sub domains.
    5. Server plans based on emails.
    6. Server plans based on control panel.
    7. Server based on the ability to host data basis.
    8. Last but not least Support and Up time guarantee.

You can learn here >> How to create a website for free

  1. Introduction to servers.

 A. What is a Server?

A Servers is a computer which is always connected to the internet and it receives request from other computers usually known as clients. Server run different types of  software that give up or serve the requested information.

B. Difference between a Client and a server

Clients and server both are computer but the only thing which makes a computer client or server is the type of request it perform. A client computer request for data and information while a server computer perform the task of serving the request made by the client computer. The other difference between a client and a server computer is that a client computer often connects to the internet and can go offline while a server computer should always be connected to the internet and can not decide to go offline.

C. What are Server Protocols?
Servers run different types of software's that give up or serve the requested information. Servers can serve different types of files like video, email or chat. Each of these files are processed by different applications that understand the language they are in and are optimized for these files. These languages are known as protocols. One of the most well known protocol is the HTTP protocol.

D. What can you do without a server?

If you do't have your own server still you can do a lot online. You can create a blog using blogger like this post which you are currently reading is a free blog. My blog is related to web hosting and it's related topics and i use a free sub domain powered by blogger e.g.
You can even decide to blog using a free sub domain powered by  WordPress. You can upload your videos to YouTube and share it with your friends and family for free without any server requirement.
You can use the free server offered by flicker to upload your photos. And you could also use the free server offered by Facebook to create your own online identity, your brand online presence etc. 

E. Why do one need a Server?

You need a server when you want to have

  • Ultimate control over your server
  • More flexibility than using or renting servers from other websites.
  • Customized application installed on your server in order to achieve greater flexibility and control.
  • If you want to create a next wonder online like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. 
  • Higher end security and privacy.

2. Types of Servers for Business?

Types of servers for small business
When searching with different types of servers for Business then you need to understand why some servers are more expensive than others. Let's look at different types of host and the servers they offer. A host is a HSP( Hosting service Provider). They specialize in running web servers, they provide hardware with fast data connection for best servers,  an easy to use control panel for administrating your website and the software which one would want pre installed and configured for their business website to function smoothly.

All these servers would cost you on early basis. The cost for these servers could vary according to ones hardware needs and power and customization one would want with their servers. 
So before you decide to go for a server plan for your business you must ask yourself how much resources like disk space, bandwidth, security level, Help and support, Up time Guarantee etc I need for my business. How much I am willing to invest in, How much return i am expecting all these aspects will really help you decide to go for Best servers for small business.

Types of servers offered by hosting companies for business : Hosting companies offer 4 types of servers. Shared servers, virtual servers, Dedicated servers and Cloud servers for business.

1. Shared Servers for small business to start with:

Shared servers for small business

If you own a small business and looking for just an online presence of your business then shared servers could be best choice for your business. Since it is the cheapest server offered by HSP. Shared server means your are sharing a fixed amount of resources  like CPU, Ram, Hard drive. The disadvantage of shared servers is that the problem with one could affect others, But if we leave this disadvantage then shared servers are best solutions for small business since it cost just few bucks.

2. Virtual Servers for Small Business:

Virtual servers for small business
Virtual servers means that your server runs on a virtual environment. In virtual server a single computer is told to behave like different machines. Each virtual server has a guaranteed amount of disk space, Ram and CPU that will only be used by that server. You can get the root access and install your own software but you still gonna be sharing memory, Disk Space, RAM etc.

The main advantage with virtual server is that if one virtual box fails or crashes then it has no affect on  other servers in the same location. If your small business needs more power and customization and the budget for your business is limited then Virtual servers can be the best option for your small business.

3. Cloud Servers For small Business :

Cloud servers for small business
Cloud servers are new generation servers. The idea behind the cloud servers is that your server does not actually run on a single machine but actually on a Cloud i.e. On a network of computer connected together to serve as servers.
If any one computer in the cloud fails then the other computer  takes over the processing  needs of your website.

Advantages of Cloud servers for Small Business 
It is more efficient form of servers than shared or virtual servers.

  • Because website don't always utilize all it's resources so here in this type of servers, you only have to pay what you utilize.
  • It is more economical for larger business sites and is more economical for servers companies. 

4. Dedicated Servers for business:

dedicated servers for business
 Dedicated servers are mostly for large business. They are most expensive servers   provided by HSP s. In case of dedicated servers you are offered a machine or group of computers whose only purpose is to run your business services online. You have full customization. No body shares  resources on your servers which means you have the full root access of your servers. You are free to install any addition software or hardware on your servers which is necessary for your website.
You can even group all these servers together and can create your own cloud.

Disadvantage of dedicated servers: Most expensive type of servers.

Advantage of dedicated servers: Most secure and flexible servers.

There are many type of companies providing these types of servers online for your small to big business needs. Most of these companies offer their own version of these server plan for hosting website. It is important to research and ask questions about how fast your server will be?,
No of host already running on the same machine? and the amount of customization you will have on their servers if you take web hosting from them?

3. Choosing the best servers for your small business

There are many type of companies providing servers online for your small to big business needs. Most of these companies offer their own version of these server plan for hosting website. It is important to research and ask questions about how fast your server will be?,
No of host already running on the same machine? and the amount of customization you will have on their servers if you take web hosting from them?

Server plan comes with many different features lets look at some of the options you don't want to miss while choosing a server for your business. When choosing a web server for your business one of the important thing to look is the operating system your server is supporting.

 A. Server plan based on the operating system:


 Like your computer your operating system determines your ability to install the type of software on the machine and the types of services you would be running so when it comes to picking up a server for your business it is important to check the operating system the server is running on.e.g. servers running on windows platform or on Linux platform. Windows and Linux platform can run software like PHP and sql but their are some software written specially to support an operating platform.
If we talk about Linux, It's an open source software which is absolutely free and you can customize it and do not require any License. Since Linux is fully customizable almost by anybody who has enough experience so more upgrades and cutting edge software can be developed in small amount of time for these servers. Windows servers are copyright property of Microsoft and are available in the market as commercial products. Windows based servers could be cost effective if compared with Linux based servers but you can build and change things in windows servers fast and effectively. I would suggest every body to first research all the softwares you would need to run on your server then  get a server that has the best support for it. 

B. Server plans based on the scripting needs.

Scripting software asks your server to pre process files before they are sent to your users. Scripting is a powerful way of creating dynamic websites. So before you decide to go after a server for your business, you need to make sure the server supports server-side scripts. e.g. If you want to install WordPress which is now a well known blogging platform then you need to install php on your server backhand.
Not every server can run every script. Some servers can only run certain types of scripts e.g. if you want to run .net and share point then you need a windows server since both .net and share point are owned by Microsoft.

So if your business needs a server to run different types of applications like get, node, python, reals  ruby, pro etc then you must know which plans support which application.

C.  Server plans based on Data Handling limit.

Every servers has some physical limitations which include the amount of storage, the amount of users or how much data can be transferred at a time. Often when you visit hosting companies providing different server plan and features you will notice a plan saying Unlimited disk space and unlimited file transfer. I suggest you ask questions about what that hosting plan means because these hosting companies technically offer unlimited storage and transfer but may limit the amount of files. Even they may technically offer unlimited file transfer but might slow down their server if they see heavy traffic on your website. On a cheaper server plan you may find other limits like the amount of memory your server is allowed to utilize and how many tasks a server is allowed to perform at the same time.
Remember all these limitations put by server companies on your website has a very bad effect on your website performance. So my simple advice is not to go by prices but research your choice of server carefully. Try to talk with the technical team of the server company and clear fie the hosting needs for your business and then decide the go after a plan.

D. Servers plans based on Domains and sub domains.

When deciding a server for your business you need to understand the importance of Multiple domains and sub domains. If you buy a server with unlimited disk space, Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited file transfer but you are only allowed to host a single domain or sub domain on your server then the unlimited plan of your server is worthless since you are not gonna be utilizing much of the resources what you paid for. Also many business needs different sub domains for their domain e.g. sounds much better than

E. Servers plan based on emails

When you have a custom domain then there is always a need of  custom email addresses both for professionalism and for specific business needs. Email like looks more professional than A good server plan will always let you create multiple email ids both for your company and for your business employees like .

F. Server plans based on control panel.

In order to maintain your website, Your server company should offer you a control panel to manage all your website at a single place like your multiple domains, your multiple email and multiple sub domains etc.  A control panel is just a simple software for managing a website. There are some popular control panel available online like C panel, Plesk etc. So if you comfortable with any of the control panel then you must ensure weather your server company offers that control panel.

G. Server based on the ability to host data basis.

The one of the most important server feature is the ability to host data basis. Some types of server only accept some type of data basis. There is usually a limit on how many data basis you can have on cheaper plans. So if you go for cheaper server for your business then you must make sure that you have enough data basis because though the server plan might allow you to host multiple domains but if they only support one MySQL databases then this might limit your ability to install WordPress on each domain since each domain requires a MySQL database for WordPress installation.

H. Last but not least Support and Up time guarantee.

Each server plan offered by web host should have all it's featured listed properly and should be able to answer questions about their limitation. They should have a proper client support and up time server Guarantee.

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