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How to download YouTube Videos| Download YouTube Videos

Hey everybody, today in this post I am going to hand over something very valuable to you guys. So stay focused and read this post and watch the video also.
Most of my friends ask me how to download YouTube videos and I tell them that it's dead simple and then there reaction is watchable. They all get so eager to know how I do it because they spend a lot of there money in buying software's and scripts for downloading YouTube videos which end up doing no good than just prove another big debt on your shoulder. So hold down your horses because I know that by this time you must all be in your uttermost eagerness stage.

Here is the simple 1 second YouTube loophole:

  1.  First take help from this video here
  2. The second step which I want you to do is obviously to visit YouTube.
  3. The third step Involve watching any YouTube videos say like any Music from YouTube.
  4. Now while you are still playing any YouTube video, what I want you to do is, type in double S e.g. "SS" on the URL of the video which you are watching. Remember to type in "SS" right after loosing http://www. e.g.
  5. After typing in just press enter and the this should take you to another website called ""
  6. Here you will get a bounce of  video types and formats to choose from i.e. you will get option of choosing a video file type from .flv, .mp4, .3gp, .avi etc.
  7. Decide a video file type you would like to download and then choose the video quality you would want to download i.e. 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p etc.
  8. Just decide one, I would shoot for 720p if available and click start downloading.
  9. Clicking that would start the download the download process.
Downloading and video form YouTube library of quality videos was never this easy. So, make use of this trick and please stop wasting your precious time and money on fake products and downloader's which costs a lot of money and do not provide the aspected result.

how to upload images on google | How to upload pictures to google images in 2013

This video below explains how to upload pictures to google images by simply downloading picasa web albums which is available for free and upload and store all their favorite images from their computer on picasa and share it among friend's, family or even on social networks like Facebook and twitter.

 Go on google and type in picasa web albums and download it for free, install it and then synchronize it with your gmail id and after that you will get a folder on your computer hard disk where picasa web album images will get stored and this folder is synchronized online with your gmail id. So, when ever you store or save any image on this folder it will be available to you online.

Now all you need to do, is open up google plus profile and arrange these images in folders and name the folders according to the type of images stored in them because they are not just your folders but actually are your photo albums.

 What customization or control you have on the web albums you created?

  1. You can customize the of the images album names you create.
  2. You can private the album you create: Privatizing the album means the images in the album can only be seen by the private link which you share on your Facebook or on your website and it won't be accessible by search engines but if someone get's the private link of your images, he/she can definitely view those images.
  3. You can public the album you create: Public album means the images you upload in the album is accessible to every one including search engines. People can search on Google images by the name of the image and chances are that your images may get found.
  4. You can unlist the  album you create: Unlisted images are never shared and no one other than can see the images. Moreover for you to personally see the images you need to be login with your gmail id.

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YouTube Download - download any youtube video using DAP

If you are looking for any YouTube video or a tutorial to play offline on your PC, then here is the best software which you can use to download any video file from YouTube or vimeo or from all over the Internet. The Software is name DAP after Download Accelerator Plus. DAP is kind of YouTube downloader which allows direct video downloads not just from YouTube but also from any video sharing website with just a single click mechanism. After you Install DAP you gonna get additional software's like Speed bit video Accelerator and Speed bit video downloader. When you Install Speed bit video downloader you will be prompted to allow a toolbar to be Installed on your web browser. Just allow the Speed-bit video downloader Toolbar to be Installed on your web browser and after that whenever you gonna play a video from YouTube or Vimeo or from any video sharing website, you going to notice that as your video starts playing, you will see the speed bit toolbar blinking and when hover over your mouse pointer you will be allowed to make a click. Now as you click on it, it's gonna prompt you to the download page, and you just have to select a location to save the file and you are done. You just downloaded the video.

The above trick was for downloading longer size youtube videos but what if you want to download youtube videos in mp3 format. Watch the below video to know how to convert and download.

Honest Hostgator Reviews

For a long time I had being looking for a reliable web hosting service
provider that I could use to increase my website functionalism. Just
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Great Customer Support- The Company has set up a team of professional
customer care personnel that are ready 24/7/365 to respond to any
queries that you might have regarding any of their services. In fact,
you can be sure to get a response to your questions within the first
two hours after submission. The team is very friendly, professional
and determined to help you elevate your website to the next level of

Affordable- Sometimes price hinders people from using top quality web
hosting services. This company considers this fact and has gone ahead
tailor their prices in such a manner that they help you meet all your
financial obligations. For example their VPS Hosting packages start at
$15.96 while their Dedicated Server Packages are available at only
$139. They also offer discounts that can help minimize your total
cost. In addition, they offer a 45 days money back guarantee just in
case you feel that the service is does not serve you right.

Unlimited Disk Space- To succeed online, enough disk space to store as
much data as possible is not an option but a necessity. From
experience, this web hosting service provider knows this and that is
why they offer all their clients with an unlimited disk space that
cater for all your data storage needs. Other features that give this
company an added advantage include unlimited bandwidth, a free site
builder, a user friendly control panel, over 4,000 website templates
and the list continues. Learn how to create a website for free with their web templates which give you all the flexibility to do that from scratch.

I have being using their services for over one year now and I can
confidently say that it is the most reliable
website hosting service provider. When I first tried their
packages, I was not really sure what to expect but their customer care
support team was always there to respond to my questions. In addition,
they have a Live Chat feature on the website that I usually prefer to
use in case I need to contact them.

I do not intend to seek these services from any other provider in the
same niche simply because am contended with what they are offering.
Host gator is and will remain the most reliable web hosting service
provider in the world that virtually all persons can use conveniently. 

 -This hostgator review is written by the founder of,visit his website to read more of his post on web hosting reviews.

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How to get a free domain name

How to get a free .com and .in domain name in India and UK

 Yes, you heard it right. Now you can get a free .com domain name if you are in UK and a free .in domain name if you are in India. Guess who is offering it, Google.

Surprised, well if you are? then it's none of your fault. When big companies like Google make that kind of offer then surprises are often. Well that too much playing. Now lets get into the business.

In one of the meeting with Google official it was clear that Google is aiming to work with local business in 2013. Google wants to help small business find clients which basically operate locally. With it's innovative search technology, Google wanna help local businesses of UK and India to get online customers and this free domain and hosting service for a year is the result of it. So before this, Google helped local business with there free Advertising coupon and now is free domain name and hosting. Google is really investing a lot to help small businesses benefit from technology.

So now if you run a local Pizza shop in India or UK, then you can definitely get a domain name registered for your business and get listed for free in Google places and obviously getting listed means finding customers online. Also from a customer prospective, if he/she finds a local vender or shop then he/she will have more trust and preferably take services from them.

Visit here to learn >> How to create a website for free

How do I get my free domain name and web hosting

  1. In UK

      If you abide in UK you are probably lucky, you can get a free .com domain name and one year hosting for free. The service is very true and no doubt is offered by Google itself. Actually Google got partnered with Intuit.
    What you need to avail the free domain and hosting offered by Google for one year?
  • A gnail account which we all know is free
  • And you can sign up from there.
What you will get with this free program?
  • A free domain registered with one year.
  • Free web hosting for your free registered domain name.
  • Web builder for designing your website.
  • And off course free training and guide manuals.
  1. In India  

If you abide in India you can get a free .in domain and a year web hosting. Now here again Google has partnered with Hostgator to provide you this service. So if run any local business you can take advantage of this offer and it's not necessary that you have to pay them or is compulsory. If you like you can register the domain for second year and pay for it. I trust this service. I have a domain registered with them.
What will you get here?
  • A free domain name.
  • A free web hosting for one year.
  • A web builder to design website for you.
  • And tools and resources off course.
What you need to avail this offer?
  1. A local business in India, not for personal use.
  2. They gonna ask your PAN no while registering domain for you. It's just for verifying.

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What is domain name

What is domain name?

Domain name

If you are new to IT, you probably heard about "domain name" and you might be questioning yourself "What is a domain name ?". Well before we dive deeper into answering the question "what is a domain name? " , let us first clear our self with some basics on "what is a domain name? " then we could dive deeper into defining Domain names, Their types, TLD's, How to register domain name and much more beyond if you keep on reading.

Basics on What is a Domain name?

A domain name in general is the name a website has. But in earlier days of internet websites did not had names and where not always live. In earlier days you need to remember a long digits of numbers to visit a website. like is the server IP address of a website. Just think how hard it would be remember a website if you did not note down it's IP address. This really made internet an ugly and tough thing for visitors. I mean how could a visitor remember the big numerical digit if he wants to visit Facebook or Google. For computers it is more than fine to remember big numerical digits because they operate on binary system but what about us "can we really type the big numerical digit on our web browser each time we want to visit a website? ".

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Simply no, this was the only reasons why the need of domain naming system arrived and one can say that this Domain name invention proved revolutionary to internet. Now people could visit Facebook without necessarily remembering the numeric terms i.e. IP address.
Since we now have domain name system, it is helping both the visitor and the machines at the same time. Now users don't have to type the big numeric terms and computers can still very effectively relate the user query and so them the relevant results by patching the domain names with the server IP of the website. so it sounds more user as well as computer friendly and this makes internet a better place to visit.

Although domain names are simply patched with numeric terms known as IP address but that's not all a domain name consists of. An IP address is there on a domain name to point out the server location of a website but they usually do not make up all of it, like what we see in an IP address.

What is Domain Name format ?

What is a Domain Name format ?

Above we have discussed some basics on what is domain name ?, it's need, evolution etc. It's time to dive deeper into what is domain name?, how is it named, It's format etc.
A domain name has 4 parts:

  1. URL of the domain name.
  2. The "WWW" of the domain name
  3. The body of the domain name
  4. The extension of the domain name
The 1st part of the domain name:

URL is the very first part a domain has. URL is an acronym for Uniform resource locator. The function of  URL in a domain name is to instruct the web browser to point a domain name where.i.e. It's is usually found "http://" in a domain name which instruct the web browser to point a hypertext document usually "html" acronym for hyper text document. If we want to understand in simple terms usually in layman's language http:// in a URL would  mean to point a webpage. In other cases it can be "https://" of even "ftp://". Ftp is acronym for file transfer protocol. A "ftp://" in domain name would suggest the web browser to transfer files. A webmaster would go for ftp in his domain name if he want to permit it's visitors to download files stored on his server, on his website.

The 2nd part of the domain name:

WWW is the Second part a domain has. WWW is acronym for world wide web. The purpose of WWW in a domain name is to tell both the visitors and bots that the domain is a web property. It is now also considered as deprecated since most of the web users no longer type WWW in a domain name. WWW is followed by the actual name of a website.

The 3rd part of the domain name:

The body of the domain name is the third and the most important part of a domain name. The body of domain name is the main remembereable part of a domain name. Users are free to decide the name of the body part. The naming could be done according to ones wish like it could be words or phrases or a combination of letters, words and phrases. The word limit of the body of the domain name is 63 letters but it is always advisable to keep it short usually withing 16 words. There are certain things a webmaster should consider while registering the domain name like shortness,easy to remember and SEO friendly for search engines.

The 4th part of the domain name:

The 4th and the final portion part of a domain name is the domain name extension but what is domain name extension ?.

well, A domain name extension lets user as well as the web browser know more about the origin of a website. i.e. If a domain name ends with an extension ".com"  then this specifies both web browser and the user that this website is a commercial website. Domain name ending with extension ".edu" will mean a website is for educational purpose.
.com extension is most widely used and very popular also. So it is also advisable to go for .com domain name if available. .com,.org and .net extensions are most popular and also a TLD so one should register his domain with these extensions if available. Suggesting that .com,.org and .net are most popular and should be used while registering a domain name does not mean that other extensions are bad or should not be used. Think of, Wikipedia ends with .org extension and is a very popular site. It's not the extension or name but what matters most is the content of a website.

If you want further info on what a domain name extension is?, then you must know that other than TLD's a domain extension is also based on the geographic location i.e. A country based extension  e.g. ".fr" domain extension simply specifies that this website is from France  ".jp" for japan. A ".in" would mean a website from India. These domain extensions can also be state wide e.g ".ca" represents the California state of America. These "domain extensions" if used wisely could prove excellent for localized marketing.

What is Top level Domain Name ?

A top level domain name is generally denoted to .com,.net and .org extension. A top level is also denoted as TLD. In the hierarchical domain system a top level domain occupies root zone of DNS(Domain name system).  So every top level domain fills the first level of DNS zone also known as top zone or root zone.
In 1980's, When DNS was designed, the Domain Name Space was given two division:

  1. ccTLD
  2. gTLD

What is ccTLD ?
A ccTLD stands for Country code top level domains. A ccTLD mainly consists of 2 character territory codes.

What is gTLD?
A gTLD stands for generic Top level domain. A generic top level domain category was made to  represent a set of categories domains ranging from different multi level organization. These multi level organization ranges from government sector, Education sector, Commercial sector, Military sector, Organization, Network and International sector.
  • Top level domain for government sector - .gov
  • Top level domain for Education sector- .edu
  • Top level domain for Commercial sector- .com
  • Top level domain for Military sector- .mil
  • Top level domain for Organization- .org
  • Top level domain for Network - .net
As the internet grew overtime, It become demanding to create additional generic top level domains. According to the sources in October 2009 there were 21 generic top level domains and around 250 two letter country top domains on the internet but as ICANN started a new policy towards naming domain names, It became possible to name new top level domains with new extension.

What is Second level Domain name?

A second level domain name is also called a lower level domain name. A second level domain name denoted with SLD occupies the second position in Domain Hierarchy system of DNS.
A second level domain comes just after Top level domain in the DNS. i.e. A second level domain assigns the left position after top level domains. e.g. here ".in" is the top level domain representing India while ".co" in the left of ".in" in the domain name represents a second level domain name.

What is Third level Domain name?

A third level domain name is the domain name which is writeen left to second level domain name. A third level domain name comes just after second level domain name.
Like third level domain there can also be fourth level domain and fifth level domain and so on. Each of these level domain name comes after one other and each of them are written on the left side one after the other. A typical example of a domain name with 4 level of doamin levels is "". Here www stands for world wide web. "SOS" in the domain name is called the sub domain of "". "State" here also known as the sub domain name of "", "oh" is the sub domain name of "us" and last but not least "Us" here also means a top level domain name sub domain to "world wide

We all know that domains names are registered keeping in mind either the name of the company, or product,or service.e.g. A company based domain name could be something like "" or "" while a product based or service based domain name could be like "" or even "".
As discussed earlier that a domain contains a special componant in it which tells the web browser about the type of web server a query is seeking i.e. could represent a web browser to seek an html file. while could mean to seek ftp for document download. could mean to seek an email server.

One important note here to make is that each of the domain names are seperated by a fullstop(.) mark.

 Domain Name Registration

Domain registeration means to registering a name for your business, service or product online. Domain names registration have become compulsary for both big business and small business. A business or even a small firm could not even think of standing out in the market without protecting their business name online. With more than a million of domains registered daily it has become compulsary to secure the business name online from our competitors since registering a domain name could cost only from $4 to $20 dependimg on the domain extention one decide to register for his/her business or firm.

What is the history of Domain name Registeration?

The history of domain name registeration is just boggling to mind and I am sure it will boggle yours also when you gonna be reading the history of the daomain registeration.
The first domain and offcourse a TLD to get registered is "". was registered in 1985 by a computer system firm in Massachusetts USA. But later sold to another party with an undisclosed price.
By the passing of 1992 more than 1500 ".com" were on the internet. By the end of december of 2009 there were more than 192 million domain registered which consisted a large no of TLD ".com" which as of date 04\15\2010 were estimated to be 84 million domain names out of which 11.9 millions domains were online businesses and ecommerce web sites, 4.3 million domain names were of entertainment industry, 3.1 million domain names dealing with finance and around 1.8 million web sites on sports sector.

The latest records(july 2012) shocked everyone. There were more ".com" TLD registered this year than all other domain registered this year in together.

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