How to get a free domain name

How to get a free .com and .in domain name in India and UK

 Yes, you heard it right. Now you can get a free .com domain name if you are in UK and a free .in domain name if you are in India. Guess who is offering it, Google.

Surprised, well if you are? then it's none of your fault. When big companies like Google make that kind of offer then surprises are often. Well that too much playing. Now lets get into the business.

In one of the meeting with Google official it was clear that Google is aiming to work with local business in 2013. Google wants to help small business find clients which basically operate locally. With it's innovative search technology, Google wanna help local businesses of UK and India to get online customers and this free domain and hosting service for a year is the result of it. So before this, Google helped local business with there free Advertising coupon and now is free domain name and hosting. Google is really investing a lot to help small businesses benefit from technology.

So now if you run a local Pizza shop in India or UK, then you can definitely get a domain name registered for your business and get listed for free in Google places and obviously getting listed means finding customers online. Also from a customer prospective, if he/she finds a local vender or shop then he/she will have more trust and preferably take services from them.

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How do I get my free domain name and web hosting

  1. In UK

      If you abide in UK you are probably lucky, you can get a free .com domain name and one year hosting for free. The service is very true and no doubt is offered by Google itself. Actually Google got partnered with Intuit.
    What you need to avail the free domain and hosting offered by Google for one year?
  • A gnail account which we all know is free
  • And you can sign up from there.
What you will get with this free program?
  • A free domain registered with one year.
  • Free web hosting for your free registered domain name.
  • Web builder for designing your website.
  • And off course free training and guide manuals.
  1. In India  

If you abide in India you can get a free .in domain and a year web hosting. Now here again Google has partnered with Hostgator to provide you this service. So if run any local business you can take advantage of this offer and it's not necessary that you have to pay them or is compulsory. If you like you can register the domain for second year and pay for it. I trust this service. I have a domain registered with them.
What will you get here?
  • A free domain name.
  • A free web hosting for one year.
  • A web builder to design website for you.
  • And tools and resources off course.
What you need to avail this offer?
  1. A local business in India, not for personal use.
  2. They gonna ask your PAN no while registering domain for you. It's just for verifying.

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