Learn CSS


Cascading: It means that multiple styles can overlap in order to specify a range of style from a whole website to a unique element.

Style: It deals especially with the presentation e.g. color, font.

Sheet: CSS is a file separate from the HTML file which is linked through its head tag.
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Uses of CSS:


i.    It allows much richer document appearance than HTML.
ii.    Reduces work load by centralizing commands for visual appearances instead of scattered throughout the HTML document.
iii.    Use same style on multiple pages.
iv.    Reduces page download size.


Basic Syntax of CSS

Selector{property: value} e.g.

  • The property is the attribute that is likely to be changed.
  • Value is the value set for the property.

Syntax For Multiple Property

Selector{property: value; property: value; property: value}


P{color:red; font-size:12px}

Note: If the value is multiple words then put codes around the value e.g.

P{font-family:"Sans Serif"}

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