YouTube Download - download any youtube video using DAP

If you are looking for any YouTube video or a tutorial to play offline on your PC, then here is the best software which you can use to download any video file from YouTube or vimeo or from all over the Internet. The Software is name DAP after Download Accelerator Plus. DAP is kind of YouTube downloader which allows direct video downloads not just from YouTube but also from any video sharing website with just a single click mechanism. After you Install DAP you gonna get additional software's like Speed bit video Accelerator and Speed bit video downloader. When you Install Speed bit video downloader you will be prompted to allow a toolbar to be Installed on your web browser. Just allow the Speed-bit video downloader Toolbar to be Installed on your web browser and after that whenever you gonna play a video from YouTube or Vimeo or from any video sharing website, you going to notice that as your video starts playing, you will see the speed bit toolbar blinking and when hover over your mouse pointer you will be allowed to make a click. Now as you click on it, it's gonna prompt you to the download page, and you just have to select a location to save the file and you are done. You just downloaded the video.

The above trick was for downloading longer size youtube videos but what if you want to download youtube videos in mp3 format. Watch the below video to know how to convert and download.

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