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Top level domains is an acronym of TLD. If you are new to internet or probably to Domain names you must be confused about Top level Domain (TLD). You must be having many questions regarding Top level domains like What are top level domains?, How to find a top level domain for for your business?, What are the benefits of having a top level domain (TLD) for your business.Types of top level domains etc. Read this article and find the answers to your questions on Top level domains

A TLD - Top Level Domain

Top level Domains names

A Top level domain is the "suffix" that comes after the name of a website e.g.  here .com is a top level domain after the name webhostingasia.
In the domain name system of internet ,a top level domain is assigned the highest position and its installation in the name space is generally in the root zone. The maintenance of a Top level domain is done by ICANN ( Internet Corporation Assigned for Names and Numbers), which is a very reputable and expert in maintaining DNS root zone.

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