Best servers for small business

Which server is best for small business

OK ! so you are looking for a server for your small business. Before we dive into details on servers and  decide which server would be best for your small business needs, you might be wondering what a server is and if you really need one for yourself or for your small business. Let us first understand all the "ABC" of server. So let's see all these topics which i am gonna be discussing with you in this call so that when you finish this discuss with me you find yourself in the place where you can decide "what is the best server for a small business" 
  1. Introduction to servers
    1. What is a server?
    2. What is the difference between a client and a server?
    3. What are server protocols?
    4. What can you do without a server?
    5. Why do you need a server?
  2. Types of Servers for Business?
    1. Shared servers?
    2. Virtual servers?
    3. Cloud Servers?
    4. Dedicated servers?
  3. Choosing the best server features for your small business
    1. Server plan based on the operating system
    2. Server plans based on the scripting needs.
    3. Server plans based on Data Handling limit.
    4. Server plans based on Domains and sub domains.
    5. Server plans based on emails.
    6. Server plans based on control panel.
    7. Server based on the ability to host data basis.
    8. Last but not least Support and Up time guarantee.

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  1. Introduction to servers.

 A. What is a Server?

A Servers is a computer which is always connected to the internet and it receives request from other computers usually known as clients. Server run different types of  software that give up or serve the requested information.

B. Difference between a Client and a server

Clients and server both are computer but the only thing which makes a computer client or server is the type of request it perform. A client computer request for data and information while a server computer perform the task of serving the request made by the client computer. The other difference between a client and a server computer is that a client computer often connects to the internet and can go offline while a server computer should always be connected to the internet and can not decide to go offline.

C. What are Server Protocols?
Servers run different types of software's that give up or serve the requested information. Servers can serve different types of files like video, email or chat. Each of these files are processed by different applications that understand the language they are in and are optimized for these files. These languages are known as protocols. One of the most well known protocol is the HTTP protocol.

D. What can you do without a server?

If you do't have your own server still you can do a lot online. You can create a blog using blogger like this post which you are currently reading is a free blog. My blog is related to web hosting and it's related topics and i use a free sub domain powered by blogger e.g.
You can even decide to blog using a free sub domain powered by  WordPress. You can upload your videos to YouTube and share it with your friends and family for free without any server requirement.
You can use the free server offered by flicker to upload your photos. And you could also use the free server offered by Facebook to create your own online identity, your brand online presence etc. 

E. Why do one need a Server?

You need a server when you want to have

  • Ultimate control over your server
  • More flexibility than using or renting servers from other websites.
  • Customized application installed on your server in order to achieve greater flexibility and control.
  • If you want to create a next wonder online like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. 
  • Higher end security and privacy.

2. Types of Servers for Business?

Types of servers for small business
When searching with different types of servers for Business then you need to understand why some servers are more expensive than others. Let's look at different types of host and the servers they offer. A host is a HSP( Hosting service Provider). They specialize in running web servers, they provide hardware with fast data connection for best servers,  an easy to use control panel for administrating your website and the software which one would want pre installed and configured for their business website to function smoothly.

All these servers would cost you on early basis. The cost for these servers could vary according to ones hardware needs and power and customization one would want with their servers. 
So before you decide to go for a server plan for your business you must ask yourself how much resources like disk space, bandwidth, security level, Help and support, Up time Guarantee etc I need for my business. How much I am willing to invest in, How much return i am expecting all these aspects will really help you decide to go for Best servers for small business.

Types of servers offered by hosting companies for business : Hosting companies offer 4 types of servers. Shared servers, virtual servers, Dedicated servers and Cloud servers for business.

1. Shared Servers for small business to start with:

Shared servers for small business

If you own a small business and looking for just an online presence of your business then shared servers could be best choice for your business. Since it is the cheapest server offered by HSP. Shared server means your are sharing a fixed amount of resources  like CPU, Ram, Hard drive. The disadvantage of shared servers is that the problem with one could affect others, But if we leave this disadvantage then shared servers are best solutions for small business since it cost just few bucks.

2. Virtual Servers for Small Business:

Virtual servers for small business
Virtual servers means that your server runs on a virtual environment. In virtual server a single computer is told to behave like different machines. Each virtual server has a guaranteed amount of disk space, Ram and CPU that will only be used by that server. You can get the root access and install your own software but you still gonna be sharing memory, Disk Space, RAM etc.

The main advantage with virtual server is that if one virtual box fails or crashes then it has no affect on  other servers in the same location. If your small business needs more power and customization and the budget for your business is limited then Virtual servers can be the best option for your small business.

3. Cloud Servers For small Business :

Cloud servers for small business
Cloud servers are new generation servers. The idea behind the cloud servers is that your server does not actually run on a single machine but actually on a Cloud i.e. On a network of computer connected together to serve as servers.
If any one computer in the cloud fails then the other computer  takes over the processing  needs of your website.

Advantages of Cloud servers for Small Business 
It is more efficient form of servers than shared or virtual servers.

  • Because website don't always utilize all it's resources so here in this type of servers, you only have to pay what you utilize.
  • It is more economical for larger business sites and is more economical for servers companies. 

4. Dedicated Servers for business:

dedicated servers for business
 Dedicated servers are mostly for large business. They are most expensive servers   provided by HSP s. In case of dedicated servers you are offered a machine or group of computers whose only purpose is to run your business services online. You have full customization. No body shares  resources on your servers which means you have the full root access of your servers. You are free to install any addition software or hardware on your servers which is necessary for your website.
You can even group all these servers together and can create your own cloud.

Disadvantage of dedicated servers: Most expensive type of servers.

Advantage of dedicated servers: Most secure and flexible servers.

There are many type of companies providing these types of servers online for your small to big business needs. Most of these companies offer their own version of these server plan for hosting website. It is important to research and ask questions about how fast your server will be?,
No of host already running on the same machine? and the amount of customization you will have on their servers if you take web hosting from them?

3. Choosing the best servers for your small business

There are many type of companies providing servers online for your small to big business needs. Most of these companies offer their own version of these server plan for hosting website. It is important to research and ask questions about how fast your server will be?,
No of host already running on the same machine? and the amount of customization you will have on their servers if you take web hosting from them?

Server plan comes with many different features lets look at some of the options you don't want to miss while choosing a server for your business. When choosing a web server for your business one of the important thing to look is the operating system your server is supporting.

 A. Server plan based on the operating system:


 Like your computer your operating system determines your ability to install the type of software on the machine and the types of services you would be running so when it comes to picking up a server for your business it is important to check the operating system the server is running on.e.g. servers running on windows platform or on Linux platform. Windows and Linux platform can run software like PHP and sql but their are some software written specially to support an operating platform.
If we talk about Linux, It's an open source software which is absolutely free and you can customize it and do not require any License. Since Linux is fully customizable almost by anybody who has enough experience so more upgrades and cutting edge software can be developed in small amount of time for these servers. Windows servers are copyright property of Microsoft and are available in the market as commercial products. Windows based servers could be cost effective if compared with Linux based servers but you can build and change things in windows servers fast and effectively. I would suggest every body to first research all the softwares you would need to run on your server then  get a server that has the best support for it. 

B. Server plans based on the scripting needs.

Scripting software asks your server to pre process files before they are sent to your users. Scripting is a powerful way of creating dynamic websites. So before you decide to go after a server for your business, you need to make sure the server supports server-side scripts. e.g. If you want to install WordPress which is now a well known blogging platform then you need to install php on your server backhand.
Not every server can run every script. Some servers can only run certain types of scripts e.g. if you want to run .net and share point then you need a windows server since both .net and share point are owned by Microsoft.

So if your business needs a server to run different types of applications like get, node, python, reals  ruby, pro etc then you must know which plans support which application.

C.  Server plans based on Data Handling limit.

Every servers has some physical limitations which include the amount of storage, the amount of users or how much data can be transferred at a time. Often when you visit hosting companies providing different server plan and features you will notice a plan saying Unlimited disk space and unlimited file transfer. I suggest you ask questions about what that hosting plan means because these hosting companies technically offer unlimited storage and transfer but may limit the amount of files. Even they may technically offer unlimited file transfer but might slow down their server if they see heavy traffic on your website. On a cheaper server plan you may find other limits like the amount of memory your server is allowed to utilize and how many tasks a server is allowed to perform at the same time.
Remember all these limitations put by server companies on your website has a very bad effect on your website performance. So my simple advice is not to go by prices but research your choice of server carefully. Try to talk with the technical team of the server company and clear fie the hosting needs for your business and then decide the go after a plan.

D. Servers plans based on Domains and sub domains.

When deciding a server for your business you need to understand the importance of Multiple domains and sub domains. If you buy a server with unlimited disk space, Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited file transfer but you are only allowed to host a single domain or sub domain on your server then the unlimited plan of your server is worthless since you are not gonna be utilizing much of the resources what you paid for. Also many business needs different sub domains for their domain e.g. sounds much better than

E. Servers plan based on emails

When you have a custom domain then there is always a need of  custom email addresses both for professionalism and for specific business needs. Email like looks more professional than A good server plan will always let you create multiple email ids both for your company and for your business employees like .

F. Server plans based on control panel.

In order to maintain your website, Your server company should offer you a control panel to manage all your website at a single place like your multiple domains, your multiple email and multiple sub domains etc.  A control panel is just a simple software for managing a website. There are some popular control panel available online like C panel, Plesk etc. So if you comfortable with any of the control panel then you must ensure weather your server company offers that control panel.

G. Server based on the ability to host data basis.

The one of the most important server feature is the ability to host data basis. Some types of server only accept some type of data basis. There is usually a limit on how many data basis you can have on cheaper plans. So if you go for cheaper server for your business then you must make sure that you have enough data basis because though the server plan might allow you to host multiple domains but if they only support one MySQL databases then this might limit your ability to install WordPress on each domain since each domain requires a MySQL database for WordPress installation.

H. Last but not least Support and Up time guarantee.

Each server plan offered by web host should have all it's featured listed properly and should be able to answer questions about their limitation. They should have a proper client support and up time server Guarantee.

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