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In this blog tutorial I am gonna be teaching you how to create free email id. This blog post is for beginners and intermediates. Well beginners- you will learn how to create free email id in most popular and often free emailing platforms like you will know how to create new email id in gmail, how to create email id in yahoo, how to e mail id in Hotmail, how to create email id in rediff mail etc while The intermediates will be learning how to create email id in domain, how to create email id group in outlook 2007, how to create email id in exchange server 2010, How to create a pro email address using your website domain with Google apps. 

  1. How to create an email id in Google

        You can create new email address in Google using gmail. For this follow the below steps i show :

  Open >>

  Now click gmail 

     Now click on Create an account >>  

Now fill up your particulars and details correctly. choose your user name and password and say next and you are done. Remember if you have gmail id then it means you have acces to all the products of google like youtube, picasa web, google sites, Blogger etc 

You can also learn to build webpages for free here, so visit >> How to create a website for free

2.  How to create email id in yahoo

Yahoo provide many free services like yahoo mail, yahoo answering facilities, Flicker, Yahoo local etc. For you to access all these facilities offered by yahoo you have to create email account in yahoo. follow the below steps:

 Go to

Now click on create yahoo email id.

Now as you click on create email account. you will see a new window will open up and will ask you for your particulars. fill all your details in the form. choose your user name, set your password and click Create my account and you are done.

3. How to set up emails-  your own email domain

In this section you will be learning how to set up your own emails ids. Unlike free email providers like gmail, yahoo mail etc you sometime find that the name you are looking to register is either already register or is simply not available. e.g. My name is shiv and if try to look for a free email like i find that the email is already registered. So if  i own a domain name like lets say and i want an email id on the name then how do i create that type of email id.

 create email id in domain name with Plesk panel: 

Log in to your Plesk control panel of your website : You can Login to your Plesk control panel in two ways -
     1. Go to your hosting provider website and say Login. Now as you click the login button and fill your username and password and press Login then your hosting provider will link your account with the Plesk  panel. 
      2. The second most powerful and time saving Login option is to type in the address bar of your browser and directly  land to the login page provider by parallel. No need to go to your web host.

After you have success fully logged in to your Plesk panel now is time to create your email id. Now open the Mail box placed at the top of the screen.

Now type in the name of your email address you want to create. Choose your password and press OK and congratulations your mail box is created. Now you can check your email box by typing and put in your Login credential and Login to your web mail. Now you can use it as your business email address.

4. Set up email id in C panel

Once you have set up a website you might be looking forward to create your own email id with your web address like Lets see in this tutorial how you can create your email id by setting up the mail box in your c panel. 

First lets log in to the c panel. Just open your web host website and type in your Login credentials and Login.
Now after you Login you need to scroll down until you find the section called mail.
As you find the mail section, Open Email Accounts section.

Now as you click Email Account you will see a new window will pop up asking you to choose your email address name and password. Now choose your email name, choose your password and click on create account. As you click on "Create account" your email  account will be created and you will be able to see it down on the list. Now click on the more button on the left side of the arrow and select access web mail and you will need to type your password for your account and click Login.
When you login for the first time you need to choose round cube among the three option and you you will be directed in to your email box.

5. how to create email id in Google apps

Yes you heard me right now Google has come up with it's app center. Now you can use many Google apps and products for your Business growth. Google app center brings you Gmail more than email. Which means now you can connect your gmail account with your business email address. If you are a web master or blogger now you can have your own professional email address like and make your business more professional. Now forget about low bandwidth,  limited email hosting space, server security issues, connect your email id to your personal gmail id and solve your bandwidth and storage problem. If you are a blogger and currently using for blogging and have a custom domain registered with Google then in the past it was hard to get a custom email address for your but now with Google apps for business, you can get a customized email address linking to your Gmail account and look professional in your business. 

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