Check domains hosted on a web server

Find other domains hosted on a web server

This is another amazing trick i am about to share with you which will really help you a lot if want to succeed online. If you already have an online presence then you must be aware of web server and web hosting impact on your website ranking in major search engines like Google, yahoo, msn and bing.

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If your server company is hosting your website on a shared hosting server then your website ip address is also shared. So if like you have a good site while the other web sites hosted on the server are on some illegal topics like on adult content or on gambling, then even if your site is just fine and is an a good topic and on a good niche but Google is still gonna penalize you because it will red flag the whole server and banned the ip address and all the sites will not perform good in search engine and will not receive organic traffic. So I am going to share with you a solution to this problem and it will help you find all those sites which are sharing the same server and same ip. So if you find any such illegal site then simply ask your hosting provider to put your site on a good different server. so here is the trick

  First check the ip address of your site: visit to learn how to check your website ip address

Now you know how to check your ip address so the trick is here go to and type on the search bar

ip:<ip address> e.g.            ip:   

You will see a list of websites all sharing the same ip address and are all hosted on one the server. so just check all the results and if you find any suspicious websites just ask your hosting company to remove that website from the server or ask the server company to move your website on a good server e.g.


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