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What is Domain Server?

A domain server is also known as Domain authenticator or Domain controller. The function of Domain Server in to give authorization to access the network. The word Domain Server and Domain Name server (DNS) are often confused by the people. Domain server and Domain name server( DNS) are two different things. A Domain name server (DNS) contains the IP address of the website and their work is to map the Domain name with the IP address. The standard and correct way to pronounce Domain name Server (DNS)   is "Name server". Domain name servers (DNS) is a kind of protocol or lets say a pre written mathematical rule  which governs how two computers share information with each other on the internet. DNS is responsible for sharing of information either on world wide platform or even on small platform like ARPAnet.
Let it be TCP or IP protocol, Domain name server function the same. when ever a user type any Domain name like  domain name convert this user query into a machine recogniziable address like which is recognized as IP address. So now the other computer on the network say on internet can locate your location. It's like you are tracking a car trough GPS technology.

Check the IP adress of a website it will be some thing like, now open internet explorer and copy paste and you see a website. Now you can open a website in two way either through Domain name of the website like or by directly knowing the IP address of this website. Domain name servers are made to handle this problem of domain mapping. Lets say if  Domain name servers (DNS) where not present then every time we have to open a website then we have to remember the big mathematical digit called ip address of the website. Web would not have existed without DNS name resolution also called as Domain mapping.

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How to find Out IP address of my Domain name?

Though there are many tools available online to find out what ip adress your website is using but i am gonna be sharing with you the best trick to find out the IP address of your website without any tool.

Find which other Domain Name your web server company is hosting?

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