Introduction to Web Hosting

What is web hosting?

Web hosting in simple terms means web space. Web hosting is a service provided by Hosting Service Providers (HSP) also known as Web hosts. When you have web hosting service it means you have a space on the internet which you can utilize for hosting your documents, your files or even you can host your own website.

What is web Site hosting?

Web site hosting means to publish your own website over the internet. When you have any content which you want to publish on the internet then you require a web hosting service. When you have a web hosting service then you probably have a web space, say about GB or more which you can utilize and upload your contents. Web sites can be created in the language called html. So when ever you have any content which you want to upload on the internet then you are required to convert those content into web browser readable  contents using the language html.

Know more on webhosting and how to create a website

Web sites are stored on a special computer known as server. Computers can either be known as Client or a Server. Internet was created with a network of computers connected together. Internet is always changing, when you connect your computer to internet then you are a part of internet world. Now you access internet using web browsers like internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc and you open Google to surf on internet. Now when you are surfing internet then your computer is requesting for information through Google, so here your computer will be called  a Client while the computer which gives information to Google which Google then returns back to you is known as a Server.

Note: Web Servers are those computers which never go offline. They  have a big storage space, high computation power and better networking speed. All these combined together make it a web server and is then used to host our websites and documents.

Introduction to types of web site hosting

Web site hosting falls under 4 types :
  1. Shared web hosting
  2. Virtual web hosting
  3. Cloud web hosting
  4. Dedicated web hosting

Introduction to Shared web hosting : means your server runs your websites on the the same computer/workstation where it runs many other websites.

Introduction to advantage of Shared web hosting:   The only advantage with shared web hosting is that it is cheap to start.

Introduction to disadvantages of shared web hosting:  shared hosting has many disadvantages like

  • You are sharing  resources like bandwidth, virtual memory, RAM, Hard disk etc with others.
  • The sites hosted on this type of server usually suffer bandwidth problem.
  • Since many websites are hosted on the same hard disk, if any one website contains virus then all other websites gets affected. 
  • You are not allowed for certain type of access and can't install your own software.

Introduction to Virtual web hosting:  means your server runs in a virtual environment. Virtual environment is like telling a single computer to behave like different machines. Each virtual server behaves as a different entity and has a guaranteed amount of processing power, memory and hard drive space that would only be used by that server. Here definitely you can get root access and can start your own server but you still be going to share memory hard disks and other resources.

Introduction to the advantage of Virtual web hosting: If compared to Shared hosting is that unlike shared web hosting, even if any hard drive crashes due to virus or what ever reason it simply do not affect your web site.

Introduction to Cloud web hosting:   Cloud hosting means your website is not hosted on a machine. It is actually hosted on cloud, which means on a network of computers. So one computer can be from Asia, one from Africa, one from USA. In a cloud server if a computer fails then other servers in the network start to full fill your website needs. cloud server is best because you only pay for what you use. Like shared and virtual hosting you have to pay even for what your website don't use.

Introduction to Dedicated Hosting:  Dedicated hosting means the hosting company is going to provide you a group of machine or computer whose only purpose is to run your website.

Introduction to Advantages of Dedicated hosting: With dedicated web hosting you have your own free will. Install any software you like, you never have to share any resources with anyone. The best part is you can group computer together to make your own hosting.

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