How to check ip address

IP address lookup: Watch this video to see a live example on how to check ip address

If you want to know "how to check ip address" then you are on the right web address because here i am gonna be teaching you how to check ip address of any website. You will also learn how to check ip address of your computer. The best part about this tutorial on how to find ip address is that you do not need any kind of ip address look up software because i will teach you how to know ip address of your system through your  computer. So you will be looking the ip address of  your website without any ip checker software.


Check IP address of website

You can check ip address of any website right from your computer. Check if your have access to  Internet connection.

Click start button on your computer and then go to search option given just below all programs option and type "Run" and then press enter.

 As you type Run and press enter you see a new Run window will open up and will ask you "Type the name of program, folder, document, or internet resources, and windows will open it for you"

Ya, Go there and type "cmd" and again press enter.

       As you type cmd and press enter you see the command window will open up. It  will say something default like c:\users\anuj>_       just type "ping" and press enter you will get the ip address of your website.

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